Order me now "Etlobni" will deliver everything to your door.

About Etlobni

"Etlobni" comes from the Arabic word which means “to order me”,. As the word implies, you are delegating someone on your behalf to do something for you, be it to purchase and deliver Food 🍲, buy medicine from the pharmacy, or even Etlobni don’t just offer food delivery service, also provide on demand delivery service to Flower shops, Groceries, Electronics & Games, Pharmacies, Health Supplement, Optics, Cosmetics & Perfumes and Baby Supplies.

"Etlobni" is an on demand delivery application where users who don’t have time to go and buy food, supermarket products, flowers, gifts, and any stores in the city etc. Users can use this app to order required stuff. Users can acquire these items from any stores & anywhere in the city by Etlobni team which will deliver any orders to your door.

How its work

Download the app now.
Order & send anything in your mind (through the available stores in the list) or by direct order placement in the app, by uploading the photo of the product want to purchase, and Track your order by contacting Etlobni customer service team and you can pay by cash on delivery.
-Earn money by cashback feature (cashback e-wallet) after every order you make.
-Enjoy the wonderful experience and do not forget to rate us.


"Etlobni" is the new delivery experience needing anything
from any store in the city

Why suffer traffic & waste time “Etlobni” will deliver it to your door.

papers . spare parts . Food from restaurants . supermarkets ...etc..

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Wherever you are, let the professionals take care of you.